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Tribal Nations

Big Fire Law & Policy Group LLP serves tribal nations throughout the Unites States.  This includes tribal governments and Alaska Native entities, along with their subdivisions, commissions and other tribal agencies. Our practice includes representation on transactional and general matters in addition to representation in tribal, state and federal courts and before tribal, state and federal  administrative tribunals.

Tribal Business Enterprises

Big Fire Law & Policy Group LLP represents tribal business enterprises, including Section 17 corporations, Alaskan Native Corporations, tribal corporations, limited liability companies,  joint ventures and other entities. Our work includes both gaming and non-gaming economic development initiatives such as strategic business planning, business code development, corporate structure, government contracting, taxation issues, and financing.

Tribal Organizations

Big Fire Law & Policy Group LLP assists a wide variety of tribal organizations such as tribal colleges, tribal schools, public schools on tribal lands, housing authorities and commissions, tribal health care organizations and non-profit corporations.  We are dedicated to advancing the interests of tribal people and our experience and commitment drives our ability to help Tribal nations achieve their goals.

Practice Areas